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Koncert Voyager zaplanowany na 2 października tego roku w klubie VooDoo w Warszawie nie odbędzie się


While Danny's chemotherapy treatment has been very effective so far, his cancer is the most aggressive mutation, which means that his medical team will continue fortnightly chemotherapy for the foreseeable future. This makes touring impossible and as such, the band has made a collective decision to cancel all shows in 2024 to ensure all focus is on Danny's recovery and continuing the positive medical progress being made. 

Voyager promises to continue being active in other ways; with Eurovision exhibitions at various museums and media appearances, as well as the band's growing Patreon and online fanbase, 2024 promises to be a creative year for Voyager. Danny attributes so much of his positivity to the incredible fanbase support over the last few months and Voyager extends thanks to everyone for understanding a very difficult decision.


Wiadomość od zespołu: 

Dear extended musical family, we have to share some bittersweet news with you all today. The good news is that Danny’s chemotherapy is working, the bad news is that we have made the decision to cancel all 2024 live performances in order to allow the chemo to continue working its magic, with the hope that Danny can continue to #fvckcancer and regain his strength. You’ve all been incredible, and we didn’t make this decision lightly. We will continue to be active as a band in other ways and we appreciate your continued support. While we can’t tour right now, we have many other things in the works and 2024 still promises to be an exciting year for us as a band, and the creative juices are flowing.


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