The World Games

The World Games

The World Games come to Poland for the first time

Over 3 500 athletes from 100 countries around the world. Competitions in 31 sports held in 24 different venues. The World Games will easily be the biggest sporting event to be held in Poland in 2017. Organised every four years in the year immediately following the Olympics, The World Games have been held since 1981. After the inaugural edition in Santa Clara, California, the Games have been hosted in, among other places, London (1985), the Hague, Holland (1993), Lahti, Finland (1997), and most recently Cali, Columbia (2013).

In order to accommodate the Games’ Opening Ceremony, Wrocław Stadium - with its 40 000 seats - has been reserved, as has plac Wolności (located next to the National Forum of Music) which will welcome fans and athletes for evening festivities at the World Games Plaza.

Preparations for Poland’s 300-member national team are being coordinated by special representatives of the Wrocław Organising Committee, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Olympic Committee, while promotion of the Games is being looked after by the ever-growing number of TWG2017 Ambassadors, among them: Anna Lewandowska, Zbigniew Bródka, Renata Mauer- Róźańska, as well as speedway star and Grand Prix contender Maciej Janowski and WAKO-PRO kickboxing world champion Michał Turyński.

Check the schedule of The World Games 2017 here or click on the picture below

Those wishing to attend the morning roller-skating competitions will find their tickets the cheapest (from 5 PLN for a normal ticket, 2.50 PLN for a concession ticket). The vast majority of fans will be able to watch their favorite sports - archery, boules, finswimming, lifesaving, karate, kickboxing, roller sports, sport climbing, squash and tug of war - from as little as 10 PLN.

Concession tickets can be purchased for half the price of normal tickets and family tickets are also available for those with at least three children up to 16 years old (in which case one child gains entrance completely free). Entering the event venue with a family ticket requires all the ticket holders to enter at the same time.

Students (full- or part-time, regardless of age) as well as seniors over age 60 may purchase concession tickets and they are also available to handicapped fans. In the case of those who are wheelchair-bound, their helpers pay only 1 PLN (in order to purchase tickets for handicapped fans and their helpers, please contact us at:

Children up to 6 years old enter the venue free of charge (seating on the same seat with the parent/guardian will be a requirement- no additional seat will be assigned)


Fans of most sport disciplines whose competitions last more than two days may also be interested in ticket pass. Option of half-day ticket (for one morning or one afternoon session) is offered for enthusiasts of beach handball, American football (one session equals one match), bowling, finswimming, lifesaving, floorball, flying disc, karate, kickboxing, roller sports, sport climbing and tug of war. On a positive note, fans of archery can watch the competitions to be held in Szczytnicki Park (23-24 and 26-27 July) free of charge - although, once again, space is limited.

VIP tickets may as well be purchased - the holder of a VIP pass will have access to non-alcoholic beverages and snacks throughout the event.


A separate pool of tickets has already been set aside for members of the various sport federations participating in The World Games 2017. If a portion of those ticket should remain unclaimed, they will be made available for sale to the general public.

The Games’ organisers also wish to inform the public that in some cases the start time of some events may be altered.

Partner cities of The World Games 2017 (20-30 July in Wrocław): Trzebnica, Świdnica and Jelcz-Laskowice

Sport disciplines (27): orienteering, boules , fistball, ju-jitsu, canoe polo, karate, korfball, bowling, lacrosse, flying disc, archery, muaythai, water ski and wakeboard, beach handball, finswimming, tug of war, lifesaving, billiards (carom, snooker, pool), sport gymnastics (sport aerobics, trampoline jumping, tumbling), air sports (parachuting, paramotoring, acrobatics), roller sports (track sprints, street sprints, figurskating) squash, sumo, dance sport, powerlifting, floorball, sport climbing
Invitation sport disciplines* (4, chosen in an online survey by inhabitants of Wrocław and added to the event's program): speedway, American football, kick-boxing, indoor rowing.

*According to the contract with the International World Games Association (IWGA), the city of Wrocław may present up to 5 sport disciplines that will be included in the event's schedule in the category of 'Invitation sport disciplines'.

Regulations for the purchase of tickets during the events of The World Games 2017

Regulations for the mass event as well as other events within the scope of 10 World Sports Games – The World Games 2017

Tickets to The World Games 2017 are available on and in the points of sale (POS) listed here.

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The World Games
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