ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2022

ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2022


The third edition of ZEW się budzi festival will take place in Cisna, Bieszczady Mountains, on May 1-2, 2020.


Music stars on stage, energetic concerts, adventure stories, haircare in a barber truck and other attractions cut out for those who sense the call of adventure. The one and only festival that starts at dawn – the first guitar riffs will sound on the stage as the first sunrays light up the mountain tops.

Break free from your chores and come to Cisna!

Let’s wake up the spring call together!


Line-up ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2020:

  • Acid Drinkers

  • Łydka Grubasa

  • O.S.T.R.

  • Pidżama Porno

  • Bitamina

  • VooVoo

  • Nosowska

  • Muniek i Przyjaciele

  • KSU

  • 4szmery

  • Witek Muzyk Ulicy

  • Trupa Trupa

Pre-sale (until 31st of January)

Two-day ticket May 1st -2nd, 2020 – PLN 149

Two-day ticket May 1st -2nd, 2020, half-price – PLN 75

Two-day ticket with campsite place for one person 1st -2nd, 2020:

Normal – PLN 149 + 60

Half-price – PLN 75 + 35

One-day ticket May 1st, 2020 – PLN 95

One-day ticket May 1st, 2020, half-price – PLN 47

Campsite – camper, trailer or car

(as place to sleep – i.e. camper) – PLN 160

Campsite – motorbike – PLN 40


Children of 6-13 years of age (i.e. children who are under 13 on the day they exchange their Ticket for the ID Wristband) – Tickets with 50% discount. Disabled persons who possess valid certificate of disability – tickets with 50% discount. Children under 6 years of age (i.e. children who are under 6 on the day they enter the Festival) – Tickets are free of charge.


Date of the last event with available tickets: 2022-06-26

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