Parov Stelar - Venom Tour

Parov Stelar - Venom Tour

Parov Stelar is back! The king of electro swing will play on 21st November in Warsaw, COS Torwar. 


In accordance with the regulation of the Polish Council of Ministers from February 25th, 2022 regarding the state of the epidemic, we would like to inform that only Standard tickets are available for sale. Health Pass tickets purchased so far remain valid without the need to exchange them for Standard tickets, and their holders do not have to present a valid Vaccination Certificate or a document confirming identity on the day of the Event. At the same time, we would like to remind that the requirement to cover your mouth and nose is still in force at indoor concerts.


About Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar & Band played over 1000 live shows all around the world, e.g.sold out shows at PlayStation Theater in New York back to back, Alexandra Palace in London and Zenith in Paris. They played major festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury, Sziget, Lollapalooza, Pukkelpop, and many more. For the Venom Tour 2022, however, Parov Stelar has come up with something extraordinary and is -together with his band and crew - conceptualizing a completely new stage design and visual experience as well as adding new songs, new arrangements, and a few surprises. Parov Stelar: "This is going to be the best Parov Stelar stage-, live-, visual-and sound-experience we've ever created. I feel so happy and cannot wait to see the reaction of the crowd. 15 years of Parov Stelar live means taking the past to create the future."The all-new Venom Tour 2022 is the biggest change in the Parov Stelar live show in the last 10 years to be seen first on all stages and festivals in 2022.


Marcus Fuereder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is one of Austria’s internationally most successful artists. He is a pioneer of the genre ‘Electro Swing’ and his band, the Parov Stelar Band, is in heavy request all over the world. His music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads.After Parov Stelar devoted himself increasingly to his second great love, the visual arts, during the pandemic and presented a museum exhibition with 25 large-format paintings in his hometown of Linz in the summer of 2021, music is now being made again. From the art studio to the recording studio, on to the dance floor in the form of art and beats, Parov Stelar is an all-in-one king of art. He is currently working on a new album, which should see the light of day in March 2022. A first taste of it will be out in 2021 and the icing on the cake is a music documentary called Voodoo Sonic, which will also be released in 2021 and shows many new insights into the world of Parov Stelar.


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