Speedway 29.07.2017

Speedway 29.07.2017


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Speedway is one of the most spectacular motorsport disciplines. Riders taking part in the competition race on an oval track, usually for four laps, with one starting point for all participant. It is notable that races are always run in a counter-clockwise direction. Speedway motorcycles have no gearbox or brakes. On classic tracks, the race lasts for four laps and consists of four riders. This kind of speedway is the most popular in Poland, Sweden and the UK, and these countries have some of the most developed league matches in the world. Jerzy Szczakiel and Thomas Gollob have both won big on the world stage and gained notoriety for the sport in Poland.

The heart of Wrocław speedway racing is WTS Sparta Wrocław, which dates back to 1950s. The club won four gold medals in the Polish Team Championships, and the players have been repeatedly rewarded in the individual standings. The Olympic Stadium, which will be renovated before The World Games 2017, has often hosted events of global importance. Even today, for many residents of Wrocław speedway is more than just a visit to the stadium – it is a sport festival.

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Concession tickets can be purchased for half the price of normal tickets and family tickets are also available for those with at least three children (in which case one child gains entrance completely free). Entering the event venue with a family ticket requires all the ticket holders to enter at the same time. 

Students (full- or part-time, regardless of age) as well as seniors over age 60 may purchase concession tickets and they are also available to handicapped fans. In the case of those who are wheelchair-bound, their helpers pay only 1 PLN (in order to purchase tickets for handicapped fans and their helpers, please contact us at: niepelnosprawni@ebilet.pl).

Children up to 6 years old enter the venue free of charge (seating on the same seat with the parent/guardian will be a requirement- no additional seat will be assigned).

VIP tickets may as well be purchased - the holder of a VIP pass will have access to non-alcoholic beverages and snacks throughout the event.

Regulations for the mass event as well as other events within the scope of 10 World Sports Games – The World Games 2017


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Speedway 29.07.2017
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