Air Show 2018

Air Show 2018


AIR SHOW RADOM 2018! The 16th edition of International Air Show will take place on 25th and 26th August in Radom (Radom - Sadków Airport). The event marks the 100 years jubilee of Polish Air Force and 100 years of Polish Independence. AIR SHOW 2018 - the first pool of tickets at a special price AVAILABLE SOON!


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By far 17 countries have confirmed their presence. We will have a chance to see the following groups:

- „Frecce Tricolori” - Italy

- „Patrulla Aguila” - Spain

- "Patrouille de Suisse” - Switzerland

- „Midnight Hawks” - Finland

- „Wings of storm” - Croatia

- „Royal Jordanian Falcons” - Jordan

- JF-17 i Mushack Pakistani pilots

- Royal Netherlands Air Force


- Zeus Demo Team - Greece

- Solo Türk - Turkey

- Jas-39 C Gripen - Czech Republic

- L-159A Alca - Czech Republic

- Mi-17 - Czech Republic

- MiG-29 - Slovakia

- Mig-21 - Romania

and many more! 

The attendance list is far from being closed - stay tuned for more announcements!


Apart from international teams and soloists, the Polish squad will make quite an entrance! We will see: Biało-Czerwone Iskry (White-Red Sparks), Orlik, Żelazny (Iron), Flying Team - Warsaw Aeroclub on AT-3 aircrafts, Fulcrum Drivers Demo Team from Malbork, Fulcrum Solo Display Team from Mińsk Mazowiecki, F-16 Demo Tiger Team and more!


Terms and conditions will be available here:


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Air Show 2018
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