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Privacy Policy of eBilet Polska Sp. z o.o.

Data processing principles


eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. attaches great importance to respecting and honoring the rights of Internet users, with particular emphasis on the right to privacy. The privacy policy presented below explains the principles we use to collect and process personal data.


When collecting and processing personal data, eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. adheres to all of the following data processing principles and meets at least one of the conditions for processing personal data.


1.1 Personal data processing principles:


  1. "lawfulness, reliability and transparency".
  2. "purpose limitation",
  3. "data minimization",
  4. "correctness",
  5. "storage limitation",
  6. "integrity and confidentiality".


1.2 Conditions for lawful processing of personal data:


  1. the data subject has consented to the processing of his/her personal data for one or more specified purposes,
  2. processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party, or to take action at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract,
  3. processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation incumbent on the controller,
  4. processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person,
  5. processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority vested in the controller,
  6. processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.


When you browse our website, according to the configuration of your browser, one or more cookies may be stored on your computer (terminal device).


Cookies may be placed by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o as well as by third parties with whom eBilet Polska sp. z o.o cooperates. Please read the following information about cookies and how they are used.


What data do we collect about you?


Data collected during registration


In order for you to use some of the functionalities offered by the website you will have to register. During registration you will be asked for the login and password you will use on our site. You will also be asked to agree to the processing of your personal data by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o.


Data collected automatically


During your visit to our website, we automatically collect data about your visit, in particular your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type. For more information, see the section on so-called cookies.


Who is the controller and how to contact the Data Protection Officer


The administrator of your personal data is eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Żelazna 51/53, 00-841 Warsaw.


You may contact the Data Protection Officer by e-mail at or by postal mail by writing to the following address


Data Protection Officer


eBilet Polska sp. z o.o.

Żelazna 51/53

00-841 Warsaw


For what purpose and on what basis the data will be processed


Your personal data obtained in connection with the use of eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. websites will be processed for the following purposes:


  1. handling of the created account
  2. investigation of possible claims (including vindication) and damages
  3. conducting marketing activities, including customer acquisition and retention
  4. selling products and services
  5. related to the conducted business activity, including for the purposes of conducting analyses and statistics
  6. responding to letters and requests and responding to pending proceedings
  7. carrying out activities related to ensuring security
  8. archiving
  9. fulfilling a legal obligation of eBilet Polska sp. z o.o.


The legal basis for processing your data will be:


  1. the consent given
  2. necessity to perform the contract or to take action at your request prior to concluding the contract
  3. necessity for fulfilling a legal obligation incumbent on the controller
  4. indispensability for the purposes arising from the legitimate interests pursued by the administrator, such as responding to your letters and requests


Who will be the recipient of your data and where it will be transferred


Your personal data will be transferred to a third country (e.g. USA) in connection with your activities on FB, in connection with the creation of profiles using Google Analytics, and in connection with the sending of informational mailings about your posting using MailChimp.


Your data may be transferred to the following entities:

  1. processors in connection with activities commissioned by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. and carried out on behalf of eBilet Polska sp. z o.o.
  2. courier companies, which will deliver shipments to you
  3. law firms, which were commissioned by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. e.g. to conduct proceedings
  4. entities cooperating with eBilet Polska sp. z o.o: Facebook, Google, HotJar, Youtube, Google Analytics, Microsoft, Synerise, which may place their own cookies (you can find information about external cookies on the websites of cooperating entities).
  5. entities or authorities authorized under the law.


For what period the data will be processed


The period for which your personal data will be processed depends on the purpose for which the data is processed. The period for which your personal data will be stored is calculated based on the following criteria:


  1. legal regulations, which may oblige eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. to process your data for a certain period of time,
  2. operation of the created account
  3. the period that is necessary to defend the interests of eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. (data controller),
  4. the period for which consent has been granted


What rights you have


You have the right to:


  1. request access to personal data concerning you
  2. to rectify your data,
  3. request the completion of incomplete personal data, including by providing an additional statement,
  4. to delete your data or restrict processing
  5. object to further processing of your personal data
  6. to transfer your personal data


You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of your data carried out on the basis of the consent given before its withdrawal.


When processing your data, which is collected through cookies, eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. in most cases is not able to identify your person. Thus, if you would like to exercise your rights, you will be asked to provide additional information to identify you.


If you have doubts about the correctness of the processing of your personal data by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o., you have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.


What will be the consequences of not providing data


Provision of data is voluntary or may be a prerequisite for the conclusion of a contract (e.g. creation of an account on the website), without providing it, the contract cannot be concluded.


How we profile


eBilet Polska sp. z o.o. uses systems for automated decision-making. The following decisions are made in an automated manner:


  1. profiling is performed on the basis of the data we have, in particular such as: data on services provided, information obtained through so-called cookies, including transmission data, location data.
  2. Profiling affects marketing information and offers you will receive (tailored offers)


How to get information about data processing?


Any correspondence on matters related to the processing of your personal data should be addressed to the Administrator's address with the note "Personal data" or to


Use of "cookies"


Our website uses "cookies", which are used to identify your browser when using our site. Cookies" do not contain small amounts of text readable only by the party that sends them. Thanks to the collected information, we can obtain information about how often you visit our site and which elements of it interest you most. We use the data we obtain to better adapt it to your needs, to make it easier for you to use the service and for statistical and advertising purposes. These cookies cannot be used to infect your device with viruses or other malicious software (malware).


Each individual Cookie consists of four basic parts:


Website name: the name of the domain or subdomain that set the cookie,


Cookie name: the cookie has a name that is unique to the site that set it.


Expiration date: The validity of some cookies expires when you close the browser (known as session cookies), other cookies will be automatically deleted only when they reach the expiration date that you set (known as persistent cookies).


Value: is the information in a cookie that a website uses to "remember" a previous visit.


In cookies, we store basic information about users (e.g., ID) and information needed to optimize and correctly display content on the pages. This information is used to:


Recognize users logging into protected websites, allowing them to visit multiple sites without having to enter a username and password for each site;


To record users' preferences - the content viewed and the browsing format (the user does not have to set preferences on each visit to the site);


Recording the pages visited by users, which allows us to collect data helpful for improvements made to the content and navigation of the site.


Users of our site can stop providing this information to our site at any time by deleting the cookies stored on their terminal devices by our site. To do this, you need to change the settings of the web browser you are currently using.




More information- Internet Explorer


More info- Chrome


More info- Firefox




You have the right to refuse to save and read "cookies" on your device (computer, laptop, phone). To do so, you must select the appropriate settings in your browser options, or refuse to give your consent in case an application included on the website asks you to do so.


Configuring your browser to block the installation of cookies for certain websites of your choice, or for all websites, may result in the loss of certain functionality that requires the installation of cookies. As required by the Telecommunications Law and the RODO, it is considered confirmation of your consent to the use of cookies if you configure your browser to allow the installation of cookies on your computer (see links above). For information on how to manage cookies, please visit ( or (


We use the following cookies on our sites:

Cookie file name

Expires after (expiration period)

Cookie description


does not expire

synerise statistics


does not expire

synerise statistics


does not expire

synerise statistics


does not expire

synerise statistics


does not expire

synerise statistics


25 minutes

Microsoft Application Insights


After a year

Microsoft Application Insights


After a year

flag indicating acceptance of the cookie policy


After a year

flag indicating acceptance of the cookie policy


along with the session

user preferences


After a year

stores data that binds the customer to the browser


After a year

stores data to bind the browser to the session


1 year and 7 days

records the user's language settings


along with the session

Windows Azure statystyki


along with the session

Web application session

You can find information about external cookies on the websites of the mentioned entities.


How do we secure your personal information?


The communication between your computer and our server when we collect your personal information is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition, our databases are protected from being seen by third parties.


Changes to our privacy policy


We reserve the right to change the above privacy policy by publishing a new privacy policy on our website. After the change, the Privacy Policy will appear on the website with a new date.

Warsaw, 1.10.2022

We protect your privacy

We use cookie files and related technologies, and we process your data to ensure that the contents that you see better match your needs. Once you consent to the processing of your data, finding on eBilet exactly what you are searching for will become easier.Your data will be controlled by eBilet Polska sp. z o.o as well as our Trusted Partners Facebook privacy policy, Google Advertising Products privacy policy, partner list with whom we collaborate on a regular basis. We process your data in accordance with our Privacy Protection Policy, and in order to enable the following: Storage of and access to information on a device, personalising advertisements and contents, measurement of advertising and content performance, opinions of recipients, product development. Giving consent is voluntary.
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