II International Tourism Fair World Travel Show

II International Tourism Fair World Travel Show


II International Tourism Fair World Travel Show – a source of inspiration for travelling!

The International Tourism Fair World Travel Show 2017 will be hosted by Ptak Warsaw Expo on 20-22 October 2017. Tickets for the World Travel Show are now on sale!

The World Travel Show is a place where you can go on a swift, three-day journey around the world. On the fair, the Domestic and Foreign Tourism Salon will present countries, regions, and cities that attract tourists from all over the world. In 2017, Mexico will be a partner country. It will build its national pavilion, where its touristic and cultural potential will be showcased. Highlights of the fair include, for instance, Travellers’ Festival, Asian Culture Festival, Gala of 7 New Wonders of Poland.

World Travel Show Zones:

The Domestic and Foreign Tourism Salon

The Camper&Caravan Show

The Warsaw Yacht Salon

Different types of passes are available:

A three-day pass + commemorative T-shirt – price at the cashier’s desk - PLN 100, price online - PLN 50;
GOLD pass – three-day entry, National Geographic gala, commemorative T-shirt, coffee and snacks (catering) with travellers/VIP area – price at the cashier’s desk - PLN 200, price online - PLN 160;

It is also possible to purchase group tickets – all participants must enter the event at the same time.

Domestic and Foreign Tourism Salon

The main highlight of the Domestic and Foreign Tourism Salon are meetings with famous travellers held as a part of the Travellers’ Festival, which attracts the most interesting globetrotters, sportsmen, discoverers, bloggers, photographers, and book authors. The stars of this year’s edition include Wojciech CejrowskiAleksander Doba and Nela Mała Reporterka. Moreover, visitors will have a unique chance to meet, for instance, Bartłomiej Jędrzejak, Mateusz Waligóra, Andrzej Bargiel, Simon Radzimierski, Wojciech Kaliski, and Filip Walczak, Małgorzata Szumska, Krzysztof Starnawski, Krzysztof Walicki, Bogumiła Raulin, and many bloggers and youtubers, for example: Wapniak, Karol Paciorek, Łowcy Przygód, Urbex History, ElfikTv, So Kayka, Kamil in Travel, and others. You will also meet the Fly4Free.pl team: Kamil Lodziński, Jakub B. Bączek, Ewelina Karpowicz, and Flying Locas. Additionally, during the first day of the World Travel Show, the gala of laureates of the 7 New Wonders of Poland contest will be held.

Another important highlight of the fair is the Asian Culture Festival. The festival is a review of a touristic and cultural offer of this fantastic continent – inhabited by many nations – which has not been properly explored by the Polish yet. During the event, one can feel an oriental, Asian atmosphere and get inspired to go an a real expedition. The programme includes, for instance, exhibitions and workshops of traditional dances, martial arts, Indian henna, or calligraphy, cooking workshops including tasting, concerts (among others traditional Indonesian orchestra gamelan), as well as yoga. Official partners of the festival are Indonesia and the Asia and Pacific Museum.

Camper&Caravan Show

The World Travel Show Fair also hosts the Camper&Caravan Show and the Warsaw Yacht Salon. Attending the former one, you can find–at the same time and in the same place–the most state-of-the-art solutions for caravanning: campers, trailers, and car equipment (e.g. car tents, satellite antennas, photovoltaic panels). Producers of mobile homes and Dutch cottages will also showcase their products. Camping equipment, sports, touristic and recreational gear, clothes and accessories will be showcased outdoors. There will also be a presentation of caravanning services, e.g. campsites and service. Along with Camper&Caravan, the grand caravanning rally will be organised, which will be attended by teams from all over Europe. The following attractions will awaitthe participants: camping with grilling done by experts and cooking workshops, Beer Festival, as well as competitions, games, sports games, tours of the capital city.

Warsaw Yacht Salon

During the Warsaw Yacht Salon, manufacturers of boats, water equipment, sailing accessories and equipment as well as providers ofdiving services will showcase their products. One of the Salon’s attractions will be a diving show by Nela Mała Reporterka.

We invite all children for a day full of attractions on Saturday, 21 October 2017. Aneighty-thousand litre glazed swimming pool will be built especially for this purpose. Children will watch Nela’s diving show involving an underwater interactive presentation. Nela will also wait for everybody in her jungle area, where – after getting through a special maze – you will meet her in person and get her autograph. A fee for meeting Nela as well as her diving show is included in the fair ticket price. Booking may be necessary for the diving show (please check for up-to-date information on the event’s website).

During the event, free buses will run between Ptak Warsaw Expo and the centre of Warsaw.


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II International Tourism Fair World Travel Show
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