Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS
Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS

On the 18th and 19th of October Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw will host Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS – a conference which will gather the experts from CEE and many more who will all participate in the debate about the trends in business worldwide.

Listen to the most distinguished experts in fintech, life science i digital business. Network with the key people from the sector in the CEE region. Follow the newest trends which will shape future markets.


Tickets for Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference already one sale!

Additional information available on the website


Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS tickets:


BASIC 1-day pass

1 day conference entrance

Price: 890 PLN


SILVER 2-day pass

2 day conference entrance + Afterparty [on the first day]

Price: 1 390 PLN

+ after party


VIP GOLD 2-day pass

2 day conference entrance + Afterparty [on the first day] + meetings with the speakers

Price: 2 590 PLN

+ meetings with speakers

+ after party


Business Insider Polska is a source for everyday inspiration for modern managers. If you want to achieve success today, not only you have to follow the latest trends but you always have to be one step ahead of them knowing what will shape the world’s future markets.

That’s what the Inside Trends conference is all about. It focuses in what the world will look like. Because technological development transforms the reality the surrounds us with the speed of a rocket, you can’t be left behind if you want to be successful in the business. We’ll tell you how to do it.

The Inside Trends Conference will be one of the biggest and the most important events of that kind in the CEE region.

If you want to know what trends will dominate the world of finance, media and marketing or who the new technologies will change medicine and our health, listen to the most influential people in the history. They already know what may change the market in 2019.


#1 one of the most significant conferences in the CEE region about trends which will significantly influence your life, work and business (as cyclic annual event)

#2 from the perspective of the experts - what they see on and beyond the horizon

#3 the biggest names and minds of the most innovative leaders who will share their experiences and opinions

#4 innovations which will help you be one step ahead of the competitors

#5 the networking of the very high quality and the possibility of sparing the experience in the b2b elite circles

#6 the future of key sectors of business, finance, e-health and media

#7 threats and chances connected with the change happening so fast


Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS tickets on sale!

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